Secrets Your Plumber Won’t Tell You

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Secrets Your Plumber Won’t Tell You

Maintaining a household is a tough task. And being aware of pipelines, showerheads and tap fixtures can be a challenging job for many individuals out there, who do not hold much knowledge about the processes conducted in the plumbing field.

And opting for a professional each time can be an expensive and troublesome matter too!

So, helping you out in the most effective manner, we are going to share with you a few secrets that your plumber will not tell you:

(1) Take Care of Pipelines: 

Pipe Line breaks can be destructive around the house. They can harm your furnishings, roofs, rugs and discharge an unpleasant smell as well. Not solely that, they can escalate the total calculative figure of your water bill too.

Thus, you must make a move to take care of your pipelines. Diligently search for leakages around the house, check the drainage system on a regular basis and watch out for water pressure. Pipelines tend to break (because of oxidization or even extreme water force) specifically around the joints. So, do ensure to check these points as well.

(2) No Clogging: 

The most widely recognized issue, plumbers deal with, more often than not, is clogging. People, with little kids in the house, will, in general, block toilets and sinks.

Now, various things can’t go down a sink or a toilet bowl.

And the correct way to remind everybody about the same is by making a list, and sticking it on the backside of the door. This way every member of the family can understand the components of the list while using washrooms. This list can incorporate the following points:

  • Bathroom Tissues
  • Toys
  • Cigarettes
  • Eatable Stuff
  • Chewing Gums
  • Sanitary Pads and the list goes on.

(3) Sump Pump/Pit Maintenance: 

A sump pit is a significant element as it helps drain the collected levels of water, therefore, preventing water flows inside our houses. If the sump pump isn’t working properly, the house can top off with water and harm the furnishings and different household items.

Consequently, it is critical to repair the sump pits as well, so that they do not go out of order.

The maintenance of sump pumps is not very difficult. Solely follow the steps to keep the pit clean:

  • Clean the sump pits quarterly.
  • Conduct sump pump tests 2 to 3 times in a year so as to check its proper functioning. You can do as such, by filling the sump pit and checking whether the pump is releasing water or not.
  • In case sump pump needs replacement, always invest in the latest and good quality pumps. You can, therefore, benefit from it, in the long term.

(4) Water Heater Maintenance: 

If the water heater is not functioning properly, the expense of getting it fixed can empty your pockets anyway. Thus, following is the most honest path to gain proficiency with some fundamental knowledge about water heaters:

  • Evacuate the heater once a year, particularly before the beginning of the winter.
  • Keep up the temperature at 120 degrees.
  • Place tubes on the pipelines. This way, you can secure your water heater from damaging the lines, caused because of the stark temperature difference.
  • Check on the water pressure.


Even, though, we might consider employing these simple measures, it does get unavoidable to hire an expert plumber for issues that require proficient consideration. However, ‘Hommitment’ is here to help!

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