Trending Home Decor Ideas To Give A Fresh Start To 2021

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Trending Home Decor Ideas To Give A Fresh Start To 2021

2020 was a year of roller coaster ride for all of us.

Many industries suffered hard and, real estate developers/ agents, home decorators, interior designers, architects were, surely, not any exception. However, because of the pandemic, people spent most of the time at home, which made them experiment more with their interior setup. Adding new and fun elements during these tedious times became their favourite hobby.

Now, 2021 is a new ray of light for all of us and thinking about refurbishing our house this year, based on comfort, practicality, and, most importantly, something through which we can reflect our personality, has certainly become a voguish trend!

Hommitment, which is in constant contact with the best interior designers in Kerala, presents you with the most trending home decor ideas of 2021, for your home is where love, hope and dreams root their foundation:

(1) Japandi: If you’re an individual who loves nature and minimalism, well, this design is just for you. The word ‘Japandi’ is the amalgamation of the words, ‘Japan’ and ‘Scandinavian’, and its design concept is all about lines, simplicity and a neutral colour palate. Japanese and Scandinavian believe in the idea of sincere explicit expressiveness.

Thus, to curate this decor, little antique art on walls, serene decorations, elements derived from nature like ceramic pots, bamboos, light woods, etc., furnish a perfect look to your Japandi decoration. Keep in mind that wood is the dominant element in this design and can be used anywhere without restrictions. After all the hustles of 2020, everyone deserves some calmness and coming close to nature & earthy tones will be the next big thing we need in 2021.

(2) Doors And Dividers: Our homes, in 2020, started serving as various spatial purposes like office, online classes, our own cafeterias and whatnot! Therefore, doors and dividers are high in demand this year to create personal and cosy space for privacy. Divisions are being used in multiple ways. Hanging plants, displaying souvenirs, etc., give such divisions, a punch of aesthetics and minimal detailing. Thus, in the age of reducing and recycling, one can stand out by using old doors and windows as dividers. Painting these respective elements in bright colours and displaying family photos, ferns and marble pothos can, indeed, provide an incredible display.

(3) Neon Lights: Lights are a salient component of any house. So, whether setting up an ambience or adding more depth to the surrounding elements of a room, lights have got your back to bring the best to your home aesthetics. Neon lights are vibrant and can add drama to your place, solely, by illuminating the right colours that can go well with your overall home. Also, the search for neon lights, have seen an increase as more and more people, are switching from elementary lights to trendy neon brilliance.

(4) Earthy Tones: Earthy tones are soothing, close to nature, and most importantly, one of the most popular colour shades, for years. Now, opaque shades like brown, dark green, dark mustard fall under the category of earthy tones. One needs to take special care of the visual interest while going for such hues. Applying shades of brown, enhance the organic elegance of your interiors, and gives a beautiful sense of serenity to your surrounding.

(5) Grandmillenial Style: Home decor trends are recurring, and the ‘Grandmillenial’ design is one of the finest examples of this! The style is all about vintage touch and old school patterns, mixed with bold colours. It gives a sense of comfort, like that of our Grandma’s abode. With floral print curtains, wooden furniture, velvety sofas, antique victorian lamps, botanical prints and wall covering panels, this setup is for someone, who appreciates things from the past. One needs to be particular about what they choose to pull-of this scheme and, subsequently, elude the chances of an over-crowded look.

(6) Cottagecore: When the happenings in the outside world are out of your control, cottage-core will be the finest place for you to relax and stay safe with your near and dear ones. As the name suggests, this decor gives a feel of a cottage, reminding you to slow-up and relax. Cottagecore is all about simplicity. A subjective mind is required for the placement of entities. Talking about the overall ambience, one can bring nature indoor by placing fresh flowers like lilies, lilacs, roses and more of so, to counterfeit, so as to execute the trick.

(7) Go Cross-Functional: With more and more people staying in, houses are becoming multifunctional and, so are our gardens. People are using alfresco space to get the feel of fresh air and, relish some time with their closed ones. The gardens are getting a new look with the elements of cosy seating areas and a charming detailing of photo frames. Setting up some speakers for pleasant music can add to the delightful environment as well. People are also experimenting with winter fire and organizing barbeque nights to give a punch of amusement during the tough times of maintaining social distancing.

Thus, in these uncertain times, the methods that individuals are adopting to remodel their house, keeping in mind its utility, is quite remarkable!


There are enough designs and decor ideas you can go for but remember, don’t exaggerate your thoughts and don’t overdo them. The more natural your decor looks, the more appealing it’ll appear to you. After all the hardships of 2020, every person needs a break and a place that gives him/ her, soothing vibes. Decor should bring freshness to you. By following a proper plan and a devoted schedule to refurbish your house, you can, indeed, create magic.

And if you face any difficulty on how to revamp your house, head straight to Hommitment can provide you with the latest trending ideas and ways that can help your decor elements communicate beautifully with each other

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