Why You Must List Your Business On An Online Directory?

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Why You Must List Your Business On An Online Directory?

With the increase in competition and the draconian effect of COVID-19 over small business owners, online business directories are backing up SMEs by helping them during these dire times.
As a matter of fact, with globalization and an infinite number of internet users, everyone is quite aware of online business directories. But, do you know how advantageous these business directories can prove to be for your brand?

Lack of proper knowledge compels people to think that these directories are just another yellow book where their clients can find their respective service provider as per their need and, eventually, get their work done, but, it is not the sole purpose of an online directory.

Online business directories are extensive platforms that enable users to instantly recognize and contact businesses/services, that they sense to be appropriate, as per their requirements. Online business listings can, therefore, provide astonishing results for your small business if used properly.

Now, building brand recognition is not child’s play, especially for SMEs contesting with business giants. With the sudden hit in digitization, businesses require to maintain their online presence to increase their brand awareness and reach potential consumers. For this, an online listing can do wonders without making a hole in the pocket for small businesses.

Hommitment, too, provides an online listing for businesses in Kerala to amplify their trading process and to create an exceptional networking platform where businesses can contact their clients more effortlessly (and vice-versa).

So, let’s see how one can be benefitted by listing their venture online:

(1) Get Connected With Your Potential Customers:

With access to the internet, we’ve developed a habit of Googling, especially when we want to buy any product or avail of any service. Consumers, thus, search for a trusted brand that helps them in making an informed decision. Apart from this, many business directories have filters to ease the search process for users. ‘Location’ filter helps in searching for a specific service in a particular area. So, if you’ve registered on any online local business directory, chances are that potential customers can easily track you online and avail your services if required.

Hence, if you want to search for an experienced carpenter, plumber, electrician, interior designer in Kerala, you can just hop on to our website and search for the most skilled force, providing excellent deliverables, in your vicinity. We, certainly, adhere to our promise of presenting you with the best resource for your work.

(2) Strengthen Your Online Presence:

Have you ever experienced that whenever you search for your business online, you get to see the details of your business on various pages too?

It is because when you get yourself registered on any online business directory, many other business directories fetch that respective information and display it on their directory. The process continues as more and more listings are made every day for consumers and result in reinforcing your brand and online presence, of course!

(3) Gather Testimonials:

Word of mouth is still the most trusted source of information, for people, to conclude upon any decision. Business directories are meant for the ease of consumers. These directories have a section of reviews for people who already/ previously have availed a particular service. These reviews act as word of mouth for your business. People believe in online reviews today as never before, so get yourself registered on an online business directory, deliver exceptional results, and gain the confidence of your target audience, for further expansion of your business.

(4) Upgrade Local SEO:

Anyone who holds knowledge of Search Engine Optimization knows that citing your business on as many sites as possible gives you quality backlinks. These backlinks eventually boost your business ranking on various search engines, as it proves to these specific sites, that your business is authorized and viable. The search engine wants users to trust these brands. If they get relevant information, again and again, the search engine will eventually rank up your business and improve your SEO as well.

(5) Economical:

When you want to get yourself registered on an online business directory, there are a couple of sites where you can register for free. Online business directories can help you spread brand awareness without being too heavy on your pocket. And, when listing your business on a local directory, you can even get great brand publicity, which is a win-win situation. Thus, online business directories provide an impeccable return on investment.


Listing your business online has some impressive benefits. Drawing a targeted audience, connecting with potential customers, and making various individuals aware of the existence of your business are some of the same. It also helps in increasing your social media reach.

By attaching your business social media accounts, you can drive the traffic to your pages and give them a clearer message about your workings.

Thus, online listing helps you fabricate an effective local marketing strategy.

And, if you are a Keralite and a home service provider/ home maintenance service, and want to reap the benefits of an online listing, you can, as a matter of fact, list your business on our website.

You can even call us on 08136854489/ 09778140278 or mail us your queries at info@hommitment.com for more details.

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